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e-Lab Inside

eLab Inside is a routing mechanism that allows eLab the ability to respond quickly to emerging challenges and opportunities as they present themselves in the marketplace.

Why It Matters

Many of e-Lab’s most impactful efforts, including analytical and strategic support of regulatory commissioners and utility executives, assistance with the design and execution of on-the-ground projects such as microgrids or community energy planning, and the identification of truly pressing research topics, have all emerged from relationships forged in the e-Lab Network.

What We’re Doing

To understand your particular needs and provide tailored support we provide phone calls with RMI staff, facilitated introductions to experts in the field, and in-person convenings and research.

Who’s Involved

While priority is given to partner organizations and individuals in the e-Lab Network, we invite anyone to submit inquiries or requests for support from e-Lab staff and RMI.