Report | 2009

RMI’s Top Federal Energy Policy Goals

By Virginia LacyMathias BellEric Maurer

This 19-page memo to the Obama administration outlines 17 goals that can reduce U.S. oil use and greenhouse gas emissions each by 50% in 10 years. These policies would also create over three million jobs in the next four years, and earning a profit for the nation in under 25 years. The recommendations include both demand and supply side goals in multiple sectors (buildings, transportation, industrial, electricity and heat, and liquid fuels). The recommendations also contain five overarching goals: the Smart Grid is installed, enhancing energy security, enabling distributed resources, and integrating electrified vehicles; better electricity end-use data are available; a new corps of workers is trained to power the clean energy economy; all energy subsidies are consistently reviewed, transparently displayed, and thoroughly addressed; and government purchasing power spurs the clean energy economy.