Report | 2013

Global Energy Affairs

By Amory Lovins

The current issue of Global Energy Affairs features two unique perspectives on nuclear energy. Amory Lovins highlights how Germany, unlike Japan, utilized its decision to abandon nuclear energy to create a revolution in efficiency and renewable energy. Malcolm Grimston contends that despite a highly favorable environment for nuclear development in the UK, the market response remains weak. Sheril Kirshenbaum highlights how the public opinion in the U.S. contributes to defining global energy priorities. Audi’s e-gas car and tracking progress of Masdas City are the projects of this month. News highlights, innovations, and briefs cover recent major developments in the field of energy and environment. Roel Sweirenga’s reflections on the on Sustainable Mobility for the Decade 2014- 2024 and the profile of Quale Hodek, a young leader in renewable energy, completes this issue.