City with park and skyscrapers

Report | 2021

Climate Mayors Green and Equitable Recovery

By Alisa PetersenRushad NanavattyChris NelderMatthew PopkinBen Holland

The United States faces a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address the challenges of rebuilding economies, promoting racial justice, and reducing emissions while building for a more resilient, sustainable future. But it will take careful policy and planning to make this a reality. This Climate Mayors report, co-authored by RMI, lays out proven solutions for a green and just economic recovery in cities across the United States, while highlighting examples of local success.

Climate Mayors Green and Equitable Recovery presents key policy priorities in the mobility, buildings, and electricity sectors, as well as exploring nature-based solutions. This includes success stories from cities across the country; these tangible examples show how cities can advance economic recovery and promote equitable outcomes by prioritizing investments with multiple benefits and transforming city infrastructure and built environments towards a more sustainable future.

This report synthesizes key takeaways from Climate Mayors’ National Dialogue on Green and Equitable Recovery Series. The report can serve as both an inspiration and a guide for city administrations and elected officials to help build back better, as well as policymakers and other decision makers at the state and federal level to help them prioritize future investments.