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Article | 2020

Building Electrification Helps Illinois Achieve Climate Goals

By Louise SharrowAna Sophia MifsudMike HenchenMargaret Garascia
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Illinois is one of many states across the United States grappling with how best to achieve its climate goals, such as its commitment to emissions reductions in line with Paris Climate Agreement targets. Thankfully, the US grid continues to get cleaner and states like Illinois are relying on a growing supply of renewable energy to meet their energy needs.

A new analysis from RMI and Illinois-based Elevate Energy shows that clean electricity can be put to good use powering homes and cutting carbon emissions at the same time. Installing a new, efficient heat pump in a single-family home today will save emissions compared with a high-efficiency gas or propane furnace. If Illinois leaders pass ambitious climate change legislation, those emissions savings will be far greater.

Policymakers can help Illinois residents create healthy, comfortable, modern homes that aren’t contributing to the climate crisis by encouraging heat pumps. The time to act is now. Learn more by reviewing the insight brief and accompanying data, available for download above.

Please visit Climate Action is Heating Up in Illinois: Here’s the Missing Piece, to read the blog by Ana Sophia Mifsud and Louise Sharrow.

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