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Advancing Ambitious Multi-Level Climate Action

  • Sat, December 2
  • 1:30-3:15 p.m. GST (GMT+4)
  • Hybrid
  • Al Hur Stage, Action Arena 1, Global Climate Action Area, COP28 Blue Zone, Dubai, UAE

About This Event

The Subnational Climate Action Leaders’ Exchange (SCALE) is a first-of-its-kind initiative launched at COP27 to support cities, states, and regions in the development and implementation of net-zero, climate-resilient targets and roadmaps. It aims to empower subnational champions to drive ambition at the national and international level, leveraging action and advocacy organized around a set of high-level thematic and sectoral goals needed to keep a 1.5°C-aligned, climate-resilient future within reach.

SCALE returns to COP28 to provide an update on the first year of the partnership, with a central focus on the launch of the first SCALE Accelerator: the Lowering Organic Waste Methane Initiative (LOW-Methane). The LOW-Methane initiative aims to jumpstart a dramatic scale-up of global action to cut methane emissions from the waste sector by bringing together a broad consortium to work with 40 subnational jurisdictions and their national government counterparts to reduce methane emissions from the waste sector.

RMI’s Jon Creyts will join other LOW-Methane partners on a panel about how the initiative is connecting national and subnational decision makers with companies and NGOs who can support them by mobilizing financial resources, leveraging data tools, providing support for policy development and technical assistance.


Jon Creyts

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

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