Webinar – A Buyer’s Guide to Carbon Credit Data Quality

  • Wed, June 26
  • 11 a.m.-12 p.m. MT
  • Virtual

About This Event

Buyers transacting in the voluntary carbon market are looking for ways to match their internal climate impact needs with top quality carbon credits. In a perfect world, buyers would be able to access high-integrity and relevant carbon crediting data quickly. Data complexities in the voluntary carbon market, however, inhibit the speed with which buyers can identify and value carbon credits that are underpinned by transparent, credible, and verified climate benefits.

RMI and Climate Collective invite you to a webinar to introduce due diligence tactics that can help buyers find, compile, analyze, and test carbon crediting data with confidence. Join us to learn how to build a data package anchored to climate performance information and how to use this approach to find high-quality credits. We will also discuss how, when, and why a buyer should connect with various data actors in the voluntary carbon market to secure, screen, and vet data about projects and credits.

This conversation offers guidance to those looking for a simple way to discern and test data quality, a reliable process to conduct due diligence, or an actionable framework to strengthen the integrity of already purchased credits.


Caitlin Smith

Manager, Climate Intelligence

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Apoorva Sahay

Senior Associate, Climate Intelligence

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Anna Lerner Nesbit

CEO, Climate Collective

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Alison Filler

Head of Innovation, Climate Collective

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