The Innovators Circle

We invite you to join the RMI Innovators Circle, an exclusive group of partners who are helping move clean energy innovation at the speed of markets, to drive a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future when the world’s population needs it most.

What Is the Innovators Circle?

The RMI Innovators Circle is a group of partners who fuel our critical work through philanthropic support and clean energy leadership. By joining the Innovators Circle, you’ll have unprecedented access to the ideas, experts, and projects that are shaping markets. But, most of all, you’ll also be part of a growing network of change agents who—together—are reshaping the energy landscape as we know it.

Membership Opportunities

Supporters make annual and sustained commitments to RMI at giving levels ranging from "Energizers" at $25,000 to "Market Movers" at $100,000. Each member level presents unique opportunities to engage with other global energy leaders while helping to advance our urgent global work.

What will be your legacy? When your shareholders in this decade, and later your grandchildren in your retirement, ask what you did to meet humanity's supreme energy challenge, how will you answer?

‐Amory B. Lovins, RMI Cofounder and Chief Scientist


Members of the Innovators Circle make annual and sustained commitments to RMI, advancing our urgent global work to:

  • Empower clean energy globally: helping give more people access to cleaner air and clean energy
  • Transform transportation: changing the way we move people and goods to save money and carbon
  • Decarbonize electricity systems: creating a clean, resilient, and affordable electricity system
  • Catalyze efficient buildings: putting commercial and residential buildings on a pathway to zero emissions
  • Advance innovation: driving cutting-edge market breakthroughs that advance the clean energy economy


Get involved and help us move clean energy innovation at the speed of markets. Together, we can fulfill the promise of clean air, improved health and resilience, and economic opportunity that is rooted in our global shift to a clean energy future.