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Building a Community College for the 21st Century

Building a Community College for the 21st Century

Making the case for efficiency, renewables, and storage

Champion: Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD)


This team is investigating the integration of energy efficiency, on-site solar, and storage projects for new and existing buildings within the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD). As part of a $1.1B capital improvement bond, DCCCD is looking to reduce electricity costs, enhance resilience, and serve as a model for community colleges across the state. 

Project Objectives
  • Develop a vision for energy efficiency, solar, and storage to be integrated into new and existing buildings and construction projects
  • Build effective communication strategies to win buy-in from key decision makers
  • Begin planning a path for net-zero energy campuses

Alisa Petersen, RMI Senior Associate, Buildings

Team Members
  • Georgeann Moss, Executive Administrator of Sustainability Outreach and Initiatives, Dallas County Community College District
  • Kevin Barber, Managing Partner, Texas Energy Aggregation
  • Ryan Sheard, Account Executive, South Region, McKinstry
  • Garrett Rosser, Associate Director, Energy Management Services, North Lake College
  • Scott Wright, Senior Director of Facilities Management and Operations, Dallas County Community College District
  • James McGuire, Director of Environmental Quality & Sustainability, City of Dallas
Progress Made to Date (pre-Accelerator)

DCCCD is in the process of developing a sustainability plan and is hoping to transition to 100 percent renewables when their current electricity contract expires in 2021.

Project Background Information

For more information on DCCCD sustainability: