Annual Report

Re-Energizing the World

We have you to thank for the progress we’ve made this year. And we need your continued support to push for essential climate action, faster.


A Letter from Our CEO and Board Chair

This is a call to action, not a moment to sit back.

The solutions are available to us. Decision-makers need to use their power responsibly and adopt them, for the good of all.

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A Global Climate Race

Historic investments and multiplying success stories fuel hope for a future defined by clean energy.

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The Renewables Revolution

We’re transforming the ways in which we travel, build, manufacture, and transport goods.

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Targeting Methane

With a warming impact 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide, cutting methane is a top priority.

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We’re mobilizing financial markets to speed the energy transition.

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Pioneering Partners

RMI has spun off a growing family of organizations that are scaling impact worldwide.

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Electrifying Green Building Progress

How we’re raising the performance bar for both new and existing buildings.

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Scaling Skills

Addressing the urgent need to train and grow a green workforce.

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Circle of Life

Circularity can lower risks facing the battery supply chain for electric vehicles — and help EVs scale.

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Thank You, Donors

Every day, you help us fast-track the solutions that will provide a cleaner, more prosperous future for communities around the world.

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The Acceleration Fund

From supporting worldwide vehicle electrification to implementing the Inflation Reduction Act, gifts to the Acceleration Fund give RMI flexible funding to pursue and scale the big, bold ideas that will become the next climate breakthroughs.

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