The Acceleration Fund

Call it a Gift.

We call it the momentum behind our zero-carbon future.

“RMI is the most effective organization on earth in changing the huge impact that energy has on the world. I’m glad that our legacy will be your work in the future." —Keith Mesecher and Marge Wurgel

Keith Mesecher and Marge Wurgel say that they are just down-to-earth ordinary folks, and they don’t identify with the word philanthropy. What they do identify with is generosity. Their gifts to RMI have all been unrestricted — flexible funding that helps RMI pilot new projects, respond to emerging opportunities, and scale proven solutions.

From supporting worldwide vehicle electrification to building the capacity of energy leaders in the Global South, gifts to the Acceleration Fund give RMI flexible funding to pursue and scale the big, bold ideas that will become the next climate breakthroughs.