Alliance Partners

We invite you to join RMI’s Global Alliance Partners, prestigious leaders and collaborators who share the same values and passion for clean energy solutions, and who can continue to broaden our reach, partnerships, and collaborations, and help drive the transformation of the energy markets globally.

What are Alliance Partners?

Rocky Mountain Institute’s Global Alliance Partners are committed philanthropic leaders who support RMI’s mission to transform global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future. Our Alliance Partners commit to donate $1 million or more annually, often making multiyear commitments to ensure capacity and strength for long-term transformational change. The Partners are committed to RMI’s market-led, business solutions that radically reduce carbon emissions while transforming industries and growing sustainably.

Membership Opportunities

With your investment of a minimum of $1 million per year, you bring the highest level of innovation and positive impact to Rocky Mountain Institute, the planet, and future generations. Your Alliance Partner commitment will allow RMI’s Board of Trustees and leadership to focus deployment of your funds in order to achieve the greatest impact means your philanthropic funds can be used to the greatest impact. Each Alliance Partnership is customized to meet the mutual goals of the Partner and RMI to the fullest extend possible.

The ground is shifting. We cannot just stand here. Unquestionably, between today's and tomorrow's energy systems loom inflection points where immense fortunes will be made and lost. What will your be your legacy?

‐Amory B. Lovins, RMI Cofounder and Chief Scientist


Members of the Innovators Circle make annual and sustained commitments to Rocky Mountain Institute, advancing our urgent global work to:

  • Empower clean energy globally: helping give more people access to cleaner air and clean energy
  • Transform transportation: changing the way we move people and goods to save money and carbon
  • Decarbonize electricity systems: creating a clean, resilient, and affordable electricity system
  • Catalyze efficient buildings: putting commercial and residential buildings on a pathway to zero emissions
  • Advance innovation: driving cutting-edge market breakthroughs that advance the clean energy economy

As important to the work you support today is the vision of tomorrow that you can bring to fruition. For RMI to deliver the impact we seek more quickly, we must rapidly scale market-based solutions to address global climate change faster. We also need to continue to grow our organization and improve our operational effectiveness. Alliance partners fuel a new strategic focus that—over the next five years—sets RMI on a rapid trajectory to be the most influential energy-related civil society organization in the world.


and bring the highest level of innovation and positive impact to RMI and the world.