Report | 2015

The Electricity System Value Chain


The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has developed a framework that describes the major activities required for the electricity grid to function. Because the grid system network is not a linear value chain it becomes more difficult to see how a node can be removed or where new value can be created. By using the visual framework via the process provided, it becomes possible to explore the potential value streams of a given technology in an organized fashion. Wouldn’t this type of framework anchor you in current paradigm thinking and encumber the creative process? Even at the highest level of disruption the end goal remains the same; electrical power needs to get to the equipment that needs power. In this manner, the constraints of the framework apply and steps can be removed as appropriate for the given technology. The electricity grid of the future is one that will require the advancement of many emerging technologies. It is crucial that these technologies understand themselves in order to find their place to fit in and belong to the system and add maximum value.