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EU Looks to Cut Reliance on Russian Gas with New Investment in Heat Pumps

One-fourth of Europe’s energy comes from natural gas, nearly 40 percent of which is imported from Russia. As European countries take swift action to de-risk their gas supply and ramp up alternative sources, the alternatives they choose will have significant climate implications.

Philadelphia waterfront view of city

What’s a Gas Utility Without Gas?

The Philadelphia City Council will hold a public hearing this week to discuss the future of Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), the country’s largest municipally owned gas utility.

Washington State Could Lead the Nation on Building Electrification Codes

In the unglamorous pages of local and state law books lies one of the most powerful tools for reducing carbon emissions: building codes. Local governments in Washington State, including Seattle, Tacoma, and Shoreline, have already put this powerful tool to use, amending their building codes to restrict the installation…

A Landmark Year for Building Electrification

As the climate, health, and financial imperative to eliminate fossil fuels from buildings becomes more urgent, states and cities across the country are stepping up to tackle this challenging sector. This year was an exciting one for the effort to electrify buildings in the United States, from city building codes…