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Lights, Camera Action!

For ideas on using clean energy for character roles and identities, for dramatic situations and plot development, or for visual effects, download the report or contact RMI via NewNormal@rmi.org. Watching the hit movie A Star Is Born the other night, I was struck by one scene in particular—not…

Zero-Energy Homes Are Ready for Mainstream Markets

Zero-energy (ZE) homes—efficient homes that produce or procure as much renewable energy as they consume over the course of a year—are often marketed as luxury homes, only available to the select few that are willing to pay a significant premium to do the right thing for the environment. In keeping…

The AC Industry Conundrum: Cooling Is Warming the Planet, but Market Failures Are Preventing the AC Industry from Innovating

This summer a new record was set in Quriyat, Oman for hottest overnight low temperature ever recorded—42.6ºC (108.7ºF). With global temperatures projected to rise 2–5oC by the end of the century, and urban areas experiencing temperatures 1–3ºC warmer than their surroundings, parts of the world will be unendurable…