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2018 EV-Grid Accelerator for

Advancing Transportation Electrification Projects in the Midcontinent Region

What Is the EV-Grid Project Accelerator for M-TEC?

The goal of the 2018 EV-Grid Project Accelerator for M-TEC is to tackle the complex problem of electrifying the transportation sector. How? By bringing together the stakeholders needed to put EV wheels on the ground for a three-day “accelerator” meeting, a proven RMI approach for driving projects forward effectively and collaboratively. A variety of teams that are working on EV projects will come together to address gaps, leverage partnerships, and derive solutions. Trained facilitators and technical experts will use leading-edge processes and customized content to provide guidance tailored to each team’s projects. The accelerator methodology fosters deep engagement, collaboration, and innovation, within and across institutional boundaries, to advance real-world scalable solutions.

The Time for Transportation Electrification in the Midwest is Now

• In 2016, the transportation sector emitted the largest share of greenhouse gases in the United States. Electrifying transportation is a vital part of the needed mobility transformation.

• Governments, utilities, businesses, and communities in the Midcontinent region must work together to ensure that the benefits of transportation electrification are not limited to the higher profile coastal areas.

• As technology rapidly improves and large investments are being announced, the Midcontinent region intends to move to the head of the pack. With strong leadership in place, the Midcontinent region is a perfect home for projects that can lead the way nationally.

Electric Vehicle in Park Charging station in UK Street

Schedule and Location

• The EV-Grid Project Accelerator will be held at the scenic Crystal Mountain Resort, located outside Traverse City, Michigan.

• EV-Grid Project Accelerator runs from Monday, October 15, through Wednesday, October 17.

About Rocky Mountain Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)—an independent nonprofit founded in 1982—transforms global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future. It engages businesses, communities, institutions, and entrepreneurs to accelerate the adoption of market-based solutions that cost-effectively shift from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables. RMI has offices in Basalt and Boulder, Colorado; New York City; Washington, D.C.; and Beijing.

About the Midcontinent Transportation Electrification Collaborative (M-TEC)

Co-convened by the Midcontinent Power Sector Collaborative and Charge Up Midwest, and staffed by the Great Plains Institute, M-TEC is composed of representatives from automakers, state governments, electric utilities and cooperatives, charging companies, and environmental organizations. The group aims to inform decision-makers’ thinking about policies and initiatives to speed the electrification of transportation in the region.

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