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As a valued Solutions Council and giving society donor, we invite you to learn about RMI’s latest research and thought leadership, meet RMI report authors, and hear about the context and impact of our reports and tools. This Solutions Council series is one of the ways we work to keep you informed about the clean energy and climate solutions you are helping advance.
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Scaling Solutions: Report Recap

Thursday, Nov 9 at 2pm ET/12pm MT

Join us to learn about select RMI reports, thought leadership, and meet and hear from report authors. This event will focus on two reports from our Climate Intelligence and Climate Finance team:

Voluntary Carbon Market Landscape Guide

The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is in transition. Rapid growth is colliding with existing institutions and burdensome processes that were not designed to handle such rapid demand and technological innovation. This recently released report by RMI and Climate Collective, unpacks this transition and lays out concrete steps that, if implemented and scaled, will yield a dynamic VCM capable of supporting global decarbonization.

Getting Down to Business: Enabling Action and Enhancing Credibility in Net-Zero Banking Using a Portfolio-Led Approach

This report by RMI’s Center for Climate Aligned Finance introduces a portfolio-led approach to enhance credibility and robustness of net-zero banking. Designed to help banks translate their net-zero commitments into action, this approach can help bankers navigate increasing stakeholder expectations, an evolving landscape of net-zero guidelines, and complex organizational structures.

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Whitney Mann



Whitney is a manager at RMI's Center for Climate-Aligned Finance, where she works with the financial sector on mobilizing the deployment of climate capital to accelerate a clean energy transition.

Caitlin Smith



As manager of RMI’s Carbon Markets Initiative, Caitlin designs, shapes, and guides the implementation of the team’s work on how to build trust, integrity, and credibility in the voluntary carbon market.

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