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RMI Acquires the Clean Power Hub to Accelerate Clean Energy Workforce Development Across the Global South

Clean Power Hub to Merge with RMI’s “Energy Transition Academy” To Form a First-of-its-Kind Clean Energy Skills and Community Development Platform


New York, NY – September 21, 2022

Today, RMI, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and ClimateWorks Foundation announced RMI’s acquisition of the Clean Power Hub, an innovative online platform designed to accelerate workforce and job-skill development related to clean energy and climate action in emerging economies across the Global South. This acquisition enables a merger of the Clean Power Hub and RMI’s Energy Transition Academy, a dynamic, integrated peer learning and community engagement program aimed at connecting, amplifying, and empowering the energy transition workforce of today and tomorrow.

An International Energy Agency (IEA) report released this month estimated that to reach net zero emissions by 2050, 14 million new clean energy jobs will need to be created globally by 2030, with another 16 million existing workers shifting to new roles in clean energy — and 60% of these new jobs will require some amount of training. Workforce shortfall is delaying the development of clean energy projects and progress on climate goals. The reenvisaged Energy Transition Academy — thanks to the acquisition of the Clean Power Hub — can now provide a no-cost, globally accessible means to address that gap by upskilling and connecting the tens of thousands of people needed to accelerate the energy transition.

RMI’s CEO Jules Kortenhorst states, “Now more than ever, capacity development — building the human and institutional talent to do the work — is a critical priority in global climate action and sustainable development. This is why RMI has acquired the Clean Power Hub and is developing the Energy Transition Academy. Global clean energy capacity and workforce development efforts must scale, and quickly.”

CIFF’s Director of Climate Justin Johnson adds, “We are delighted that RMI will be taking the Clean Power Hub to its exciting next phase.  With this acquisition, the tools, best practice and knowledge to accelerate the clean energy transition will be available to all.  The great foundations already developed by the Clean Power Hub, combined with the partnerships, excellence and reach of RMI mean this initiative can grow further and achieve lasting impact.”

RMI’s Principal Matt Jordan, who joined RMI with the acquisition of the Clean Power Hub, states, “The Energy Transition Academy is quite innovative and ambitious and gives RMI and its partners a pathway to finally deliver clean energy workforce training at scale. We’re blending the best of online skill development and in-person, experiential knowledge-sharing with the leading global expertise in clean energy technical assistance. I’m excited to work with our partners to see this effort to its full potential.”

The Energy Transition Academy seeks to provide clean energy transition skills training to 50,000 Global South professionals by 2025. To learn more about this effort, please see here.

Notes to Editors:

Principal Matt Jordan of RMI’s Energy Transition Academy (ETA) will be available for comment.

To amplify the importance of people, workforce, and jobs related to climate action and the clean energy transition, RMI is hosting a virtual event at New York Climate Week on Wednesday, September 21, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern (US). Getting the Job Done: Global Climate Goals and the Energy Transition Workforce will feature leaders from the Global South in a dynamic discussion and Q&A, highlighting challenges and solutions related to the critical clean energy workforce shortfall. RMI plans to share and solicit feedback on a prototype Energy Transition Academy platform, featuring technology from the newly acquired Clean Power Hub.

The Clean Power Hub was developed by Propel Clean Energy Partners with philanthropic support from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and ClimateWorks Foundation. The Propel team has joined hands with RMI to help develop the Energy Transition Academy, further strengthening RMI’s capacity development expertise. CIFF is supporting the technical and personnel transition of the Clean Power Hub with a one-year grant.

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