Sheran Munasinghe

Sheran Munasinghe

  • Climate-Aligned Industries

Sheran is an associate in RMI’s Climate-Aligned Industries Program, where he works on accelerating green hydrogen deployment. In his role, Sheran informs and guides market actors on cost-effective opportunities in the hydrogen space, with a particular focus on the hydrogen-ammonia nexus.


Sheran has endeavored to advance the energy transition and promote sustainability in regions across the world, from Sri Lanka and Malaysia to Denmark and the United States. Prior to joining RMI, he helped accelerate decarbonization at companies such as European Energy and Protium through financial modeling, market assessments, and business evaluations of green hydrogen and e-methanol projects. Additionally, Sheran worked on sustainable development policy for a member of the parliament of Malaysia and climate policy at the Center for Poverty Analysis.


MA, International Relations and Economics, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University
BA, International Affairs and Philosophy, John Cabot University