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Advancing Low-Carbon Solutions for the Crypto Sector

Surging demand for cryptocurrencies and accelerating adoption of blockchain-based solutions have highlighted the technology’s impact on our climate.

The Horizon Zero project is proud to have spearheaded the Crypto Climate Accord, an initiative that supports the crypto community with decarbonizing their emissions. Over 250 crypto miners and industry leaders have signed the accord, committing to achieve net-zero emissions from electricity consumption by 2030.

Horizon Zero developed Guidance for Accounting and Reporting Electricity Use and Carbon Emissions from Cryptocurrency as well as the Renewable Energy Emissions Score,  a sector-agnostic approach that evaluates the material emissions impact of renewable energy purchases. The initiative will deliver critical transparency and trustworthiness to miners’ sustainability claims, accelerating the energy transition in a rapidly growing sector.

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Decarbonizing crypto from the bottom up


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