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Aluminum Sector

Accounting for Aluminum Emissions at the Product Level

The aluminum sector is currently responsible for 2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and demand for aluminum is projected to grow by up to 80 percent by 2050. Decarbonizing the aluminum sector relies heavily on zero-carbon primary production technology, electricity decarbonization, and end-of-life recycling and resource efficiency.

As part of the Horizon Zero project, the Climate Intelligence Program has released the draft Aluminum Emissions Reporting Guidance to help producers calculate emissions of their aluminum products and accelerate decarbonization of this critical sector. Aluminum industry stakeholders can use the draft guidance to demonstrate decarbonization efforts through improved emissions transparency and drive demand for low-emissions aluminum. The accompanying data format available on GitHub for steel and aluminum enables seamless transmission of emissions data along the aluminum supply chain.

The guidance was developed and refined with input from the Aluminum Sector Working Group. The working group consists of 25 organizations from the aluminum industry, including producers, buyers, and industry associations.

We are seeking comments on the Aluminum Emissions Reporting Guidance from aluminum industry stakeholders through July 28th, 2023. Please download the feedback form and email the filled form with your written comments to Wenjuan Liu and Mackenzie Cool.

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