Report | 2024

2024 China Power Market Outlook

10 Key Trends for Market Players

By Zihao Chen,  Shuo Gao,  Yi JiangTing Li,  Yujing Liu,  Ziyi Liu,  Jialin Tian,  Kang Wang, Liyue Zhang
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China’s power sector is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the nation’s ambitious clean energy goals and the imperative to combat climate change. This transition, marked by a rapid shift toward renewable energy sources and the modernization of grid infrastructure, presents both compelling opportunities and complex challenges for market participants. Understanding the evolving dynamics of this dynamic landscape is crucial for transition success.

Since the launch of its second round of power market reforms in 2015, China has made significant strides in establishing a more market-oriented system designed to promote efficiency, transparency, and competition. The introduction of new market mechanisms, pricing reforms, and incentives for clean energy development has created a dynamic environment ripe with potential. This report, the second in our annual series, provides a comprehensive analysis of the key trends shaping the Chinese power market, offering valuable insights for both domestic and international stakeholders.

Building on the foundation laid by previous reforms, China continues to refine its approach to power market development. At the national level, the past year has witnessed notable progress in key components in the electricity market and pricing system, including transmission and distribution tariffs, the power spot market, power capacity price, and ancillary services markets, favoring the New Power System construction and renewable energy access. These updates profoundly influence the composition of industrial and commercial electricity prices and set a refined price formation mechanism.

This report delves into the latest developments and emerging trends shaping the industry, examining their implications for market participants across the value chain. From renewable energy developers and power generators to industrial consumers and energy technology providers, understanding the evolving dynamics of the Chinese power market is essential for informed decision-making and strategic positioning.