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RMI Experts Answer Your Questions, Volume 2

On December 1, 2017, RMI CEO Jules Kortenhorst and RMI Managing Director Miranda Ballentine held a live video discussion about RMI’s efforts to think bigger, act boldly, and scale globally to support our efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future.

Top Ten Clean Energy Developments of 2017

Sure 2017 had its mishaps (and we’re not just talking about the La La Land/Moonlight fiasco). But it also had some great moments. From the “We Are Still In” movement to record-low solar prices, 2017 was a great year for clean energy. Here we highlight our top ten…

A Resilient and Cost-Effective Energy Future for Puerto Rico

Hurricanes Irma and Maria caused extraordinary damage to Puerto Rico, especially to the electrical grid. Approximately half of Puerto Ricans were still without power over two months after the storms, leading to the longest sustained outage in the history of the United States by far. Renewable and distributed energy…

Auctioned Price Floors: Changing How We Invest in Climate

Here’s the challenge: you work for a government agency or philanthropy that wants to encourage climate mitigation projects such as solar energy installations or building efficiency upgrades, and you have a grant budget of $50 million to invest anywhere in the world. You want to invest in projects that reduce…