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Sustainable Aviation

We aim to help 10% of the North American and European commercial aviation and jet fuel market switch to sustainable aviation fuel by 2025.

What Is Sustainable Aviation?

Our Sustainable Aviation program is forging innovative partnerships with airports to decarbonize the aviation industry and establishing demand centers for low-carbon, sustainable aviation fuels around the world.

Why It Matters

The global aviation industry is responsible for over 800 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually—higher than the national CO2 output of all but five individual countries. And the carbon impact of aviation is expected to increase rapidly. Although fuel-efficient design and operation have made great strides reducing aircraft fuel consumption, there has been little progress in the commercial uptake of sustainable aviation fuels.

What We’re Doing

We are engaging airports to aggregate demand of sustainable aviation fuels through an innovative business model that minimizes disruption of existing systems while maximizing adoption of the cleaner fuel.

What We've Accomplished

We helped make Seattle-Tacoma International Airport the world’s first airport to proactively explore long-term self-financing for sustainable aviation fuels.

Our Partners

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport




Our Team

Adam Klauber

Annie Benn
Former Sr. Associate

Craig Schiller

Isaac Toussie
Senior Associate

Jessie Lund

LeeAnn Baronett
Marketing Manager


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