eLab Accelerator 2017

Illinois Energy Future

Project Objective

Develop a roadmap of the activities and outcomes necessary to engage stakeholders in defining the utility of the future for Illinois.

Team Members

  • Andrew Barbeau, President, The Accelerate Group

  • David Kolata, Director, Citizens Utility Board

  • Kristin Munsch, Deputy Director, Citizens Utility Board

  • Dick Munson, Director of Midwest Clean Energy, Environmental Defense Fund

  • Phil Nevels, Director of Utility of the Future, Commonwealth Edison

  • Scott Vogt, Vice President of Energy Acquisition, Commonwealth Edison

Project Description

Stakeholders in Illinois have been engaged in discussions around how to design and test various concepts around the next generation of distribution utilities. The Future Energy Jobs Bill, passed in December, lays the ground work for testing community solar, determining the value of distributed energy resources and piloting new time of use rate designs.

The Illinois Commerce Commission has recently announced NextGrid, a stakeholder initiative around various ‘utility of the future’ concepts. Together, these events lay the groundwork for the development and testing of new technologies and new business models for third parties and utilities. The Illinois team will focus on developing a roadmap for integrating the legislative and regulatory initiatives into specific pilot and stakeholder outreach proposals.

Progress Made to Date (pre-Accelerator)

Future Energy Jobs Bill (December 2016) ICC NextGrid Utility of the Future (March 2017)

Project Background Information