eLab Accelerator 2017

Smart Energy Development in the Nation’s Capital: The Mount Vernon Pilot

Project Objective

The team’s goal is to develop an implementation plan for significantly reducing peak energy costs and the risk of stranded distribution assets, especially focusing on areas of load growth and capital investments.

Team Members

  • Edward Yim, Associate Director of Policy and Compliance, Government of the District of Columbia, Department of Energy and Environment

  • Scott Baker, Sr. Business Solution Analyst, Applied Solutions, PJM Interconnection

  • Scott Pomeroy, President & CEO, Scalable Strategies

  • Kyle Haas, Policy and Compliance Analyst, Government of the District of Columbia, Department of Energy and Environment

  • Jorge Camacho, Urban Ingenuity (Formerly with PSC)

  • Rick Swink, Pepco

Project Description

This project will start by identifying all energy system and market data needed to conduct a circuit-level analysis of the project area, focusing on key load-growth areas in Washington D.C. The team will then identify all missing data points needed to conduct effective distribution resource planning and scenario analyses – characterizing potential costs and benefits to implementing a demand management program. Finally, the team will develop an implementation plan to acquire additional data, engage stakeholders and achieve sustainability mandates at lowest costs with the most benefits.

Progress Made to Date (pre-Accelerator)

Significant stakeholder engagement and education through Formal Case 1130 at the Public Service Commission. Identified areas of significant load-growth, characterized the distribution system in the District leveraging publically available data. Conducted a PJM market analysis, evaluating peak management opportunities in the wholesale market.

Project Background Information

www.dcpsc.org/newsroom/hottopics/medsis-initiative.aspx https://doee.dc.gov/cleanenergydc https://mayor.dc.gov/release/mayor-bowser-signs-renewable-portfolio-standard-bill-law