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Mapping the CSO DISCOM Support Network

RMI India in collaboration with Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has developed a web-based stakeholder map that provides information on the civil society organizations (CSOs) supporting DISCOMs in India. It allows the viewer to sift through organizations based on their broad thematic areas of recent and ongoing work with DISCOMs.

The tool facilitates network strengthening among stakeholders and acts as a knowledge and opportunity marketplace. It does this by enabling coordination and collaboration, elevating work of CSOs to a wider audience, informing our collective strategy, and creating better visibility across our community’s efforts.

The map organizes 18 CSOs according to the following five thematic areas: Performance improvement, energy transition, knowledge management, electricity governance, and demand-side measures. The thematic areas are further divided into working areas to add more specificity to organizations.

The information hosted on this map will be updated on a quarterly basis through direct outreach to the organizations represented. If any organizations would like to request a revision to the map, send an email request to indiainfo@rmi.org.

map presentation preview