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Report | 2022

Financing Energy Efficiency

Accelerating Decarbonization for Electronics Manufacturing

By Hao Yihan, Lu Shutong, Jiang Luyang
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Energy efficiency projects can decouple energy consumption from economic development, thanks to their cost-effectiveness and the prolonged life span of more efficient technologies. Researchers estimate that relatively simple and inexpensive modifications to buildings and equipment can cut up to 15 percent from industrial emissions.

Given that electronics manufacturing is one of China’s fastest growing industries and is closely tied to other segments of the economy, the industry is a perfect place for deploying energy efficiency projects. Increasing the penetration of energy efficiency projects in electronics manufacturing requires significant capital investment, and this is where green financing solutions can play a role. Through in-depth analysis of existing energy efficiency projects and financing solutions, RMI has worked closely with leading electronics companies that have extensive supplier networks, ranging from raw materials to semiconductors and packaging, to identify gaps and jointly problem-solve for better energy efficiency financing solutions.

The resulting report, Financing Energy Efficiency: Accelerating Decarbonization for Electronics Manufacturing, presents a selection guideline on financing solutions for electronics manufacturers who intend to make efficiency upgrades. The report aims to help manufacturers quickly identify a green financing solution that works best for their situation.

With this support, the potential of existing financing solutions can be fully unlocked. Stakeholders will be able to witness the decarbonization effects brought on by energy efficiency upgrades, and they will have incentive to explore innovative financing solutions for more complicated energy efficiency scenarios.