Report | 2018

Capturing Value Through Portfolio Energy Optimization

By Iain CampbellAmy EgerterMichael GartmanGreg HopkinsPhil KeuhnJames Mandel
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Real estate investors and owners can capture $290B with a simple, scalable approach to building energy upgrades. RMI’s new report reveals how a portfolio-based approach to energy optimization can uncover new sources of value left behind by traditional building-by-building approaches.

Why it Matters

Portfolio property owners own most commercial buildings, and are facing unprecedented pressure from the market to upgrade their building stock to be more intelligent, comfortable and environmentally sustainable. Yet, most building energy retrofits miss the distinct needs of this owner class. The diverse nature of commercial buildings, combined with a proliferation of emerging technology and consequent performance and financial uncertainty, make simple energy optimization initiatives—which could greatly reduce energy use and improve building value—challenging to evaluate and costly to access, resulting in slow adoption rates. The industry demands a better solution.