Innovation Fund for Energy Solutions

Forge the Path That our Future Depends On

The Innovation Fund for Energy Solutions brings industry-changing ideas to the leaders who can make a difference. It does this by funding the ideas, people, and influence that make Rocky Mountain Institute a leader in advancing the clean energy revolution.

Why it Matters

The Innovation Fund for Energy Solutions is designed to ensure RMI’s ability to engage in groundbreaking research that shapes the global energy dialogue, attract, retain and grow global leadership, and convene the motivated stakeholders ready to accelerate the clean energy transformation at a rate and scale required by our urgent climate challenge.

Empowering Bold Ideas

For 38 years, RMI’s research and insights have changed industries and advanced market-based climate solutions. The Innovation Fund for Energy Solutions will fund the research, writing, and publishing of the highest and most important energy transformations needed globally. In other words, your support will help create new solutions that give us a real chance to solve the trickiest energy problems.

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Fostering Extraordinary People

RMI’s greatest asset is its people—the myriad experts in energy, business, policy, design, and more who work tirelessly to advance global action toward carbon-free solutions. The Innovation Fund for Energy Solutions will allow us to grow our unrivaled team, help us to attract and foster talent within RMI to shape the next generation of leaders, and establish positions for scholars and global experts that can meaningfully advance innovative thinking and action.

Building Global Influence

RMI has a unique ability to reach and influence key leaders with our ideas and provide the clarity and confidence they need to scale clean energy solutions. The Innovation Fund for Energy Solutions will enable RMI to deepen and expand our reach to global influencers, convene top decision makers, and foster powerful partnerships.

Why Now?

In 1976, Amory Lovins' new vision for our energy future was an inflection point —forever changing our energy narrative. Six years later, he cofounded Rocky Mountain Institute to carry forward this bold thinking, and help it take hold. Thirty eight years later RMI is globally recognized as a leader in the energy transition—shaping how decisions are made and helping innovation reach a tipping point. Today we stand at another inflection point where the urgency of our climate challenge demands a sea change. The majority of today’s funding is targeted toward specific projects and geographies, which limits our ability to serve as the leading voice for integrated, innovative, and independent energy solutions.

Will you join us to forge the path that our future depends on?

Your support of the Innovation Fund for Energy will allow us to continue cultivating the ideas that fundamentally change the energy landscape, allow the people and talent that RMI attracts and cultivates to “think big,” and help forge the connections to a growing network of leaders who must carry out these big ideas.