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How China Can Achieve Carbon-Neutral Transport by 2060

Since 2015, China has been actively implementing its commitment to peak carbon emissions by 2030 in line with its nationally determined contribution under the Paris Agreement. And the recently announced 2060 carbon neutrality goal has set higher requirements for different sectors in terms of carbon reduction approaches. RMI estimates that…

Technology Disruption in the Global Steel Industry

A recent announcement by Europe’s largest iron ore producer, LKAB, may seem like a technical detail only relevant for metallurgists and steel nerds. However, the company’s plan to invest up to 400 billion kronor (US$46 billion) over the next 15–20 years to expand into an emissions-free iron process being piloted…

The Low-Carbon Jet Fuel Market Is Cleared for Take-Off

Aviation is essential. It connects cultures. And prior to 2020, it supported over 65 million jobs, generating almost $3 trillion in global economic activity each year. But by 2050, if the industry returns to pre-2020 levels, aviation industry emissions could grow to 20 percent of the 1.5° C carbon budget.

Could Power Sector Demand Scale US Hydrogen 100X?

In late September, US power giant Entergy announced plans to begin exploring the use of hydrogen (H2) in its generation portfolio, as part of a commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050. This includes producing hydrogen using electrolysis powered by both renewable and nuclear generation, and burning hydrogen…