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What is a Campus Chapter?

A campus chapter is a self-organized group of students who represent RMI and its mission to the rest of their student body. Students are invited to collaborate with RMI staff to promote awareness of the organization and engage other interested students in RMI’s thought leadership.

What does a Campus Chapter Do?

Campus Chapters are responsible for spreading RMI’s core messaging across their campuses and spreading mobilize support for global clean energy transitions. Liaisons are responsible for organizing, maintaining, and leading chapters, and are required to meet a series of benchmarks each semester to retain “active” membership status.

Where are Campus Chapters Located?

We’re located in two campuses, NYU and Columbia. The program is in the pilot stage but is expected to grow and expand beyond NYC-based institutions in the coming academic semesters. For NYU and Columbia students, inquiries about getting involved can be directed to

What is Required of a Campus Chapter?

There are several criteria that a chapter must meet every semester to retain active membership status. These benchmarks include holding promotional events each semester to advocate for current RMI campaigns, fundraising and membership benchmarks, and assisting with the promotion of social media messaging within closed university platforms.

Campus Liaisons are invited to sit in on certain events/ meetings within RMI office and attend Semesterly Campus Chapter Appreciation Lunches. Chapter leaders are also asked to complete semesterly trainings, provide feedback at the end of each academic semester, and remain actively subscribed to RMI’s Campus Chapter Newsletter.


Interested in learning more about the program?

Contact Lindsey Chew
RMI Senior Digital Marketing Associate