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Jesse Morris



  • Disruptive Technologies
  • eLab

Currently, Jesse is working with energy storage companies, smart control providers, utilities, and the regulatory community to help distributed energy resources of all shapes and sizes become an integral, widely-accessible part of the global electricity system. More specifically, Jesse and the disruptor team are working to enable distributed energy resources to provide a wide variety of services to the grid through regulatory change and new business models. Jesse is also working with his team to understand how much value buildings equipped with different combinations of solar PV, smart controls, variable speed devices, thermal storage, and electrical storage can deliver to customers, the grid, and society at large.

Within Transportation, Jesse recently conducted policy research and analysis to help shape California’s ongoing transition to a cleaner, more efficient transportation system powered by public transit and efficient vehicles. Jesse also participated in RMI’s Reinventing Fire research initiative where he analyzed the potential for whole-system design to improve the U.S. transportation system by investigating exactly where, when, why, and how we use our vehicles.


Jesse Morris graduated from Colorado College with a degree in International Environmental Policy. Before joining RMI, Jesse worked at the Aspen Institute where he focused on convening multi-stakeholder groups to explore climate change adaptation and mitigation challenges and opportunities. Prior to this role, Jesse pursued his interest in renewable energy and efficiency with PV Powered (now Advanced Energy), a grid-tied photovoltaic inverter manufacturer.


Bachelor of Arts, International Environmental Policy, Magna Cum Laude, Colorado College (2009)


Basalt, CO



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