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Claude Rosen

Claude leads strategic operations at Third Derivative, RMI’s startup accelerator program for climate technology companies. In his role, he oversees strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation,…

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Ella Warshauer

Ella leads business development for Third Derivative. She works with corporates, investors, and philanthropic organizations to develop new partnerships across D3’s climate tech ecosystem that…

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Lindsay Rasmussen

Lindsay is a manager on RMI’s Third Derivative team, where she leads the research and due diligence efforts for building sector and land use startups.

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Emily Rogers

Emily leads Third Derivative’s First Gigaton Captured Program, a focused cohort for startups in the carbon removal space. She enjoys pairing her technical background with…

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Caroline Winslow

Caroline is the acceleration strategy manager at Third Derivative working to scale climate tech solutions globally. In this role, Caroline oversees the accelerator program execution…