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Yiyuan Qi

Yiyuan joined RMI in December 2022 as a senior research and data analyst on the Knowledge Management team. Her work involves identifying valuable data sources…

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Glenn Hoffman

Glenn is the lead data engineer within RMI’s Knowledge Management team. His work involves establishing automated data pipelines to connect RMI staff with key information…

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Jared Pruzan

Jared works to equip and support RMI stakeholders to connect with the right information, people, and resources. As the director of Knowledge Management, Jared seeks…

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Kevin Gauthier

Kevin is a technical project manager on the Program Services Team. His key focus is driving enterprise resource planning efforts across the organization. Other focuses…

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Suzanne Hopkins

Suzanne Hopkins manages RMI’s Program Services team, which includes project management, process improvement, knowledge management, and Salesforce administration, and offers additional operational services to RMI’s…