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Jason Meyer

Jason is a principal within RMI’s Energy Transition Academy (ETA). Jason’s areas of expertise include collaborative process design and facilitation, project accelerators, emerging energy technology,…

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James Sherwood

James is a principal with RMI’s Global South Program, where he helps lead RMI’s Africa Energy Program and supports RMI’s US Electricity Program. He is…

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Ruosida (Star) Lin

Ruosida is a senior associate at RMI, where she primarily works on power sector engagement initiatives in RMI’s Global South program. She conducts modeling analysis…

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Zihe Meng

Zihe is a senior associate with RMI’s Africa Energy Program. She focuses on techno-economic analysis; business model design; pilot design and implementation to advance renewable…

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Scarlett Santana

Scarlett is a Principle for RMI’s Global South program. Scarlett is part of the Africa Energy program, which works to accelerate affordable, reliable, and clean…