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Emily Long

Emily currently leads events and conferences for RMI’s communications and marketing team, with a focus on large-scale climate conferences such as COP and New York…

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Madeline Weir

Madeline Weir is a Marketing Lead for the Carbon-Free Buildings program at RMI. Her work focuses on fostering the narratives of the team’s work and…

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Sebastian Perez

Sebastian is a Design Lead for RMI’s Communications Team. He is responsible for the creation of visual communications and maintaining the branding standards. Background Sebastian…

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Nicole Leonard

Nicole Leonard works across all of RMI’s Global Programs to develop and execute the organization’s lifecycle marketing strategy across email, in-product, direct mail, and other…

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Anna Palmer

Anna Palmer is a former RMI employee responsible for developing, leading, and executing RMI’s digital media strategy. She worked to drive social media campaigns and…