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Mike Roeth

Mike has worked in the commercial vehicle industry for over 35 years, is the Executive Director of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency and…

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Clay Stranger

Clay Stranger is a Managing Director at RMI where he leads the Carbon Free Transportation Program, co-leads the India Program, and serves as Chair of…

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Edward J. Klock-McCook

E.J. joined RMI’s Carbon-Free Transportation team in 2014. He leads the Battery Circular Economy Initiative (BCEI) and passenger vehicle electrification/infrastructure work at RMI. BCEI ensures…

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Lynn Daniels

Since joining RMI in 2014, Lynn has been a member of the Transportation team working on a variety of projects, including analysis and research supporting…

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Kelly Carlin

Kelly is a manager in RMI’s Carbon-Free Transportation Program, leading its mobility work in Africa and Asia. Prior to this, Kelly worked on RMI’s Global…