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RMI Outlet explores topics critical to RMI’s mission to transform global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, zero-carbon future for all.

Reigniting the Private Sector: Greentech Poised for Explosive Innovation

Last week, technology ruled at FORTUNE Brainstorm Tech in Aspen, Colo., where participants were abuzz about the latest gadgets, companies, tools and programs to shape the competitive business landscape. Serving as a “marketplace of ideas,” the conference assembled innovators of the Fortune 500 and the next generation of leaders to shape the future of business.

Solutions Journal: Summer 2011—Catawba Center for the Environment Leads Student Summit

“We all have to seriously sit down and see the other side,” says Catawba College senior Sarah Moore, who is majoring in environmental education. “Our failure to see the other side holds us back, especially in the environmental movement.” This belief, as well as Moore’s internship at Catawba’s Center for the Environment, has motivated her to spend her last summer of college helping to organize a cross-disciplinary national environmental summit for high school students.

Chicago can seize opportunity for deep energy retrofits

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced a program to make the city’s buildings more energy-efficient. Now that he’s taken a bold step to save taxpayer dollars and create hundreds of jobs by shaving the energy consumption of City Hall, the Harold Washington Library and other government buildings, what’s next?

Nuclear: Why even think about it?

Last week, RMI Chairman and founder Amory Lovins discussed where nuclear energy fits in a low-carbon electric system as part of Rocky Mountain Institute’s “Day in the Life Event.” A lively conversation ensued between Lovins, RMI Electricity Principal Lena Hansen and invited guests, centering on what role the technology could play in the Reinventing Fire framework.

Cars 2: Disney Brings Electric Cars & Biofuels to Our Kids

As a mother of two young children I work hard to instill strong values and good behaviors. So teaching them the preciousness of our natural resources and how to use them wisely is something I take seriously. That’s why I was so pleased with the plot and new characters in "Cars 2", Disney’s second movie of the successful franchise. The story introduced an electric car, the concept of solar power, and the use of biofuels to mobilize the beloved Radiator Springs crew.