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RMI Outlet, Rocky Mountain Institute’s blog, explores topics critical to RMI’s mission to transform global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low-carbon future.

BSR 2011: How Coke, UPS & RMI Deliver Greener Trucking, Transport

In September, Coca-Cola added six all-electric trucks to its fleet of more than 700 alternative fuel vehicles in North America. This spring United Parcel Service, with a green fleet of more than 2,300 vehicles, began its tryout of a lightweight delivery van clad in rugged ABS plastic that's expected to boost fuel efficiency by 40 percent.

Does Japan Really Need Nuclear?

On Friday, Japan will mark nine months since the massive 8.9-magnitude quake and subsequent tsunami that caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The crisis has "sharply divided intellectuals and elites from the public."

Efficiency and the tenant-landlord relationship

The majority of floor space in the U.S. commercial building stock is leased, and the split incentives dilemma creates several barriers to making that leased space truly efficient. The main questions have historically been financial: who pays the energy bill? How do the tenant and landlord split the upfront costs and long-term benefits of energy efficiency?

Owning a Piece of a $5T Prize

Last week, Rocky Mountain Institute launched Reinventing Fire at National Geographic’s headquarters in D.C. There, RMI Chief Scientist Amory Lovins introduced an audience of over 200 to a blueprint for a new energy era, and ways business can lead us to a 158% bigger U.S. economy in 2050 powered by efficiency and renewables.

Thank You, From All of Us at RMI

The release of "Reinventing Fire" marked a huge milestone in RMI's 30 year history. But we could not have done it without supporters. Visionary donors have allowed us to be bold in our approach and recommendations. Now, we need as many people as possible to stand beside us as we work reinvent fire.