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General Energy

The Top 15 Climate Developments of 2021

This past year saw many memorable moments from vaccine rollouts to a new Ghostbusters movie to Bernie Sanders’ mittens going viral. But it also saw real progress on climate action. Here we list…

General Energy

COP26 Keeps 1.5 Degrees in Reach

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP) has historically been a venue for international diplomacy and country-to-country negotiations. Countries were expected to arrive in Glasgow for COP26 with new nationally determined contributions (NDCs, otherwise known as…

General Energy

Clean Energy Has Won the Economic Race

This article was first published on Project Syndicate For decades, we at RMI have argued that the transition to clean energy will cost less and proceed faster than governments, firms, and many analysts expect.

General Energy

Geothermal Power’s Competitive Landscape

A transcript of Amory's address for Pivot2020, a geothermal energy event hosted by the Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization at the University of Texas at Austin and the International Geothermal Association.

General Energy

Making Deep Decarbonization a Reality

As the United Nations’ annual climate conference in Madrid limped to a close, it has become clear that climate summits are stuck in a rut. The job of cutting global emissions is actually getting harder,…