The Reinventing Fire Launch at National Geographic – What’s Your Commitment?

Last month, Rocky Mountain Institute launched Reinventing Fire at National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. At the event, Chief Scientist Amory Lovins outlined a path to a new energy era by 2050, one that relies on efficiency and renewables rather than fossil fuels yet costs $5 trillion less than today and offers a more competitive U.S.economy with greater opportunities for job creation and growth for the nation.

We asked the attendees what they are doing to “Reinvent Fire.” Listen, and be inspired as we are by what we heard.

The business advantages of clean energy are within reach. An energy future free of fossil fuels is no longer a dream, it’s a modern reality. The time is right to seize this opportunity.

“Humans are inventing a new fire–not dug from below but flowing from above, not scarce but bountiful, not local but everywhere,” Lovins told the crowd. “This new fire is not transient but permanent…and grown in ways that sustain and endure. Each of you owns a piece of that $5-trillion prize.”

Now we want to hear from you. Tell us your commitment to drive the new energy era, and what you think it will take, by commenting below or posting it on Facebook or Twitter.

Together, we can Reinvent Fire. Learn how you can invest in a new energy future.