Todd Zeranski

Marketing Manager
  • Electricity

Todd Zeranski is a Marketing Manager at RMI, where he supports communications for the organization’s electricity practice, including encouraging the adoption of new utility pricing, resource planning, and business models, as well as the deeper integration of distributed energy resources into the power grid. He also supports the Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab), a unique multi-year collaboration of leading industry actors to develop, implement, and spread new solutions to enable greater adoption of economic distributed energy resources.

Before joining RMI, Todd served as a corporate and executive communicator at NextEra Energy and NRG Energy, where he managed the composition and execution of strategic communications and public relations outreach for the senior leadership teams of both organizations. Prior to those roles, he covered political affairs and national security topics, as well as the financial and energy markets, at Bloomberg News for over a decade. He has also has worked in the nonprofit sector and as a mentor for young communicators new to the industry.

  • MA, New York University, Department of Politics.
  • BA, Bucknell University, Departments of International Relations and Spanish. Graduated cum laude.
Authored Works
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Texas’s X Factor

When it comes to its energy use, Texas really is bigger. On an absolute basis, the Texas energy sector emitted nearly twice as much carbon dioxide as the second-highest-emitting US state and accounted for more than 12 percent of all US carbon emissions in 2016 (the latest year for…

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Elevating Utility Business Model Reform at eLab Accelerator 2019

The various forces—societal, financial, environmental, customer-driven—motivating the electricity system’s transition to a more decarbonized and distributed orientation continue to grow, marked by several key milestones in recent months. As a central actor in the energy ecosystem, electric utilities will continue to play a key role in how this inevitable…

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Accelerating the Electrification of Buildings at eLab Accelerator 2019

One of the most exciting developments in the energy system is the role that beneficial electrification—using renewable energy and efficient electric technologies to heat and cool homes and businesses—is playing in supporting the transition to a cleaner energy system. A cohort of teams at RMI’s Electricity Innovation Lab (e–Lab) Accelerator—happening…

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Meeting Utility Investors Where They Are: Tools to Speed System Decarbonization

If we needed another proof point of the growing role sustainable business practice is playing in guiding investment decisions, the recent announcement that an institutional investors group representing $1.8 trillion in global assets has asked the country’s 20 largest publicly traded energy generators to commit to achieving net-zero carbon…

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Successfully Shaping the Clean Energy Transition

The year 2018 was transformational in the energy system, marked by several milestones that revealed the powerful forces now emerging and exerting their influence across the electricity landscape. Several states, including New York, New Jersey, and Washington, advanced proposals to achieve 100 percent clean energy in different…

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Connecting Western Co-op Members With Cost-Effective Clean Energy

If you would like to learn more about the results of this report and receive updates as they become available, please click here. The emergence of very low-cost renewable energy pricing in the United States has created unprecedented opportunities, and some risks, for utilities currently reliant on high-cost, legacy…