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The United States Needs More Fast Chargers: China Can Show How

The United States will need much more public direct current fast-charging (DCFC) to keep up with the coming wave of electric vehicles (EVs). These public DCFCs are vital for EV drivers’ peace-of-mind, enable long-distance trips, and empower consumers without access to home-charging to buy an EV. The problem is that…


Lessons from China: Can Leasing Accelerate the Transition to EVs?

Fleet operators in the United States are well aware that electric vehicles are the future. Now the question is less about if and more about when and how to transition. According to an upcoming Rocky Mountain Institute report, Steep Climb Ahead: How Fleet Managers Need to Prepare for the Coming…


China’s Timely Charging Infrastructure Plan

Already the country with the most electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the world—over 1.2 million in 2019—China is soon looking to add around 600,000 more, thanks to an infrastructure stimulus package announced by the central government in March. The package targets “new infrastructure,” a category that includes information technology,…


Shenzhen: A City Miles Ahead

Two weeks ago, The Washington Post called Shenzhen, the tech hub in Southern China, a “pacesetter,” when reporting on how it became the first city in the world to turn nearly all of its buses and taxis electric. But it is not just public and for-hire fleets electrifying in…