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Romy Purshouse

Creative Director
  • Communications

Romy Purshouse is RMI’s creative director. In this role, she is responsible for conceptualization and execution of RMI’s print digital and multimedia design needs, engaging and directing third party providers, brand stewardship and ensuring that RMI has a strong, recognizable, consistent visual identity.

Romy grew up in Germany and studied design at the BAUHAUS in Dessau for 5 years. Since graduating, she has worked for over 12 years in Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S. on branding and design as an Art Director and designer. After starting her professional life working in London, she moved to Munich and then Hong Kong, working for STAR TV and the Cartoon Network for 3 years.

Following a year as a Senior Designer in Australia Romy moved back to the U.K., managing and producing many energy related design projects as design manager for a non-profit called KWMC. She has also worked on a wide variety of projects in a freelance capacity, as well as part of internal teams in branding, motion graphic design, website design and print for large international networks and design companies (BBC, StarTV, Cartoon Network, English&Pockett). Her husband is British and works for a clean energy company called CAMCO, based in Broomfield Colorado. Since moving to Boulder in April 2010, she has been self-employed working for High Noon Entertainment, Citizen Pictures, Vermilion, Faction Media, Action Marketing, and the City of Boulder.


Diplomdesigner (Fh), Design, Bauhaus School of Design

Authored Works