Preena Soni

Development Officer
  • Development

Preena Soni is a Development officer at RMI, where she works closely with philanthropic foundations and partners in accelerating the time-sensitive energy transition and channelizing sustainable climate solutions for all.


Preena has worked extensively in the nonprofit sector, building experiences from grassroots work in India and project management and fundraising efforts in the United States. In her prior role and capacity at the American India Foundation, she forged philanthropic partnerships with diverse funders and entities driving critical development-sector work for disadvantaged youth, women, and communities.

Preena is passionate about improved and effective communications and believes in channelizing social capital and sustainable community-building efforts to reach global development goals. Her career choices and opportunities inspire her to build bridges and work for efficient networks and systems to optimize resources in society’s best interest. Preena is an active member of the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy (AiP) and contributes her time and expertise in building organizational capacities at both the local and international level.


M.A., Economics, University of Adelaide, Australia
B.A., Economics, University of Rajasthan, India


Oakland, CA