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Nachy Kanfer

Nachy Kanfer

Guest Author

Nachy Kanfer is a founder of Climate Strategies Lab and a partner at Donovan Energy. Nachy believes energy efficiency and clean energy will realign the US economy, especially in the Midwest, and unlock a new era of economic resiliency and strength.


Nachy previously served as the Eastern regional director for Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, where he worked with a wide range of stakeholders to grow the renewable energy market by gigawatts at a time.


B.A., Yale University
MBA, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Authored Works

Utilities, Analysts, and Customers Agree: Transitioning from Coal Saves Money

Coal economics have eroded dramatically in recent years, so much so that the continued use of existing coal-fired power often imposes a cost burden on electricity customers that exceeds the cost of newer and cleaner sources of power. Resource planning analyses performed by utilities across the country—including PacifiCorp in…

Freight train cars full of coal

Is Coal Failing Fast or Slow?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic idled coal plants across the country, evidence has been building for at least a decade that coal-fired electricity is on its way out in the United States. But how quickly? The answer is critical to our ability to stay within a 1.5°C warming…