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Molly Miller

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NSC Member Profile: David Burns

David Burns and his wife Tania set about embracing a rich sustainable lifestyle defined by no energy bills and a reduced dependence on other resources in their award winning green home located on the Northern beaches of Sydney. The 2007 sustainable home, designed around a large native garden, helps cool the house without the need for HVAC.

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Retrofits in the News

Around the world of retrofits this week we found several inspiring developments in the news. Here's the round-up.

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Archbold Station: The Ecology of LEED Platinum

It’s encouraging that what was once a rare accomplishment in high-performance building design is now becoming commonplace, maybe even to the point that it’s hardly news. But a small organization hitting LEED Platinum in a rural and ecologically threatened area on a tight budget in a hot, humid climate is not so easy. This is the story of how they did it.

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Empire State Building Lights Honor RMI

The characteristic floodlights that illuminate the top of the Empire State Building will shine a bright green May 10 to honor Rocky Mountain Institute’s 30 years of work in energy efficiency.

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Feds Get Fashionably Hip Office Space

The words "government office building" may bring to mind visions of Franz Kafka's notorious clerks' office. Endless rows of literally gray partitions. Government workers packed into a maze of windowless tunnels. God forbid they should have a view of the outdoors, or be able to occasionally move from their cubes to a comfortable chair or table.