Michael O’Boyle

Power Sector Transformation Expert at Energy Innovation

Mike O’Boyle is a power sector transformation expert for Energy Innovation, an environmental policy think-tank based in San Francisco. He works for the firm’s Power Sector Transformation program to uncover policy and technology solutions for a clean, reliable, and affordable U.S. electricity system. Mike is also a leading expert for America’s Power Plan, a platform for innovative thinkers—including policymakers, advocates, and utility stakeholders—to reform the utility regulatory model and identify opportunities for grid transformation and optimization. He has worked with stakeholders from a variety of states to help improve the link between public policy goals and the motivations of electric utilities, with a focus on performance-based regulation. Mike has authored reports and articles covering a wide range of power sector topics, including distributed energy resource ownership and operation, mechanisms for adopting performance-based regulation, proper valuation metrics for utility compensation, and more.

Authored Works

Navigating Utility Business Model Reform

Advancing efficient and equitable approaches to update the utility business model—motivated by emerging technological, policy, and market conditions in the electric power sector—is crucial to the grid’s transition to a more secure, clean, affordable, customer-centric system. Powerful trends are impacting the contours of the electric system, including growing policy…