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Martyn Forde

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Martyn Forde is an energy and knowledge management consultant and is responsible for the knowledge exchange and capacity building component of RMI’s Global South program. He is the Community Leader of the CARILEC Renewable Energy Community (CAREC). CAREC is an online platform designed to enable Caribbean utility companies and energy professionals to share their knowledge on low-carbon technologies and steward organizational knowledge development through planned webinars, document repositories, virtual working groups, online forums, and workshops. Prior to this role, Martyn was a Project Manager with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) where he was responsible for energy planning and the Island Energy Program’s activities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Montserrat.


Before joining the IEP, Martyn assisted the Climate and Energy Program of the Worldwatch Institute with research for the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy. Martyn worked in Germany in the energy procurement department of an electricity, gas, and water utility company called Aktiengesellschaft für Versorgungs-Unternehmen. Martyn has a Master’s in Geography and Environmental studies from the University of Toronto, with a focus on environmental resource management, carbon-free energy, and climate policy. His thesis explored how to create renewable energy transitions driven by the hotel industry of island nations. He is a certified sustainable building advisor with the Canadian Green Building Council.

Authored Works

Federal Freight Efficiency Authority

This paper proposes a federal agency to increase heavy-duty vehicle efficiency as a means to reduce U.S. dependence on oil. The paper lays out the structure, costs, benefits, and results of the proposed agency.


Accelerating Progress Toward a Sustainable Hawai’i Island

RMI was commissioned by the Hawai’i County to review the County’s goals, develop a whole-system conceptual framework to evaluate the goals, make recommendations that would help Hawai`i County lead by example, and suggest ways of measuring progress toward those goals. The end product is this report, which provides an overview…