Martha Brooks

Technical Advisor to Commissioner Andrew McAllister at California Energy Commission

Martha Brook has worked at the California Energy Commission (CEC) for 27 years, where she has gained experience in long-term energy demand forecasting, building energy efficiency standards, research and development of energy efficient technologies for residential and commercial buildings, and statewide planning to accomplish significant increases in existing building energy efficiency. In her role as Commissioner McAllister’s technical advisor, Martha is contributing to the CEC’s data collection, analysis, and disclosure platform developments; providing technical support on current and future building and appliance efficiency standards; and guiding the technical work to establish energy savings targets to double the energy efficiency in the state, as directed by SB 350 (2015). Martha’s professional experience outside the Commission includes mechanical engineering design and software development for energy management systems. Martha is a licensed mechanical engineer in the state of California and has a Bachelor of Science degree from the California State University at Humboldt in Environmental Resources Engineering.


BSc, Environmental Resources Engineering, California State University-Humboldt